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So, You Have Fiber to Process...

At The Shepherd's Mill, our goal is to provide you with a quality finished product that you'll be happy using or proud to sell.

As a producer, you may know exactly what you want. If so, we'll ask a few questions and do our best to meet your specifications.

Perhaps you are new to the possibilities of fiber processing or are still searching for some reason to save your fiber. We're here to help. We'll use our 20+ years of fiber arts experience and a willingness to seek your input to create a select product line that suits your fiber and your marketing needs.

First Steps

  1. Check out our PROCESSES page to understand what we offer.
  2. Review our PRICING page to understand our price structure.
  3. Our PROMISE OF QUALITY far exceeds industry standards.
  4. Call or Email to reserve space in our production calendar.
  5. Print FIBER PROCESSING FORM to include with your shipment