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Always! Free shipping on retail orders of $50 or more.

We back our services with the strongest guarantee in the industry.

As the Artist in Residence and Owner of The Shepherd's Mill, I personally guarantee to give you the best quality product possible from your fiber.

As we work with your fiber, we pledge to take the utmost care and to be quick to communicate any concerns we may have so that you are able to make educated decisions about changes that might be necessary and how they affect your cost and return.

If something goes wrong, as it sometimes will when working with natural fiber, our policy has always been to take care of our customer first. If you aren't satisfied, we aren't satisfied.

As we evaluate your incoming fiber, we note any batches that might be higher than expected loss. If you choose to process that batch, it is understood that you accept the expense of the lost fiber. If we do not notify you ahead of time, and the loss percentages exceed our reasonable expectations, you will be credited back to an acceptable loss rate.

If you are ever disappointed with the quality of our work, we expect to hear from you so we can make it right.

Quality output is directly related to the quality of fiber going in. While no fleece is ever completely free of dirt or vegetable matter, steps can be taken to help us improve your finished product.

1. Contact us before shipping–This allows us to schedule more easily and reduces delays in return time. It also lets us answer any questions you have and assures open communication from the start.

2. Skirt fleece carefully to remove burrs, manure & extra debris. By doing this before shipping, you save yourself money in freight charges & fiber loss during processing. We will be glad to answer questions at this point, just ask.

3. When shipping, remember damp wool & airtight conditions can cause damage to the fiber, and damp fiber weighs more & will cost you more in shipping.

We reserve the right to refuse fleeces with excessive amounts of vegetable matter or any other problem that would prohibit quality processing. This is necessary not only to protect our equipment investment but also to protect you, our customer, from paying for processing that will only leave you disappointed with the end product.

We are adamant in our concern for our customers and want to assure the best quality output from your input.