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Gaywool Dyes - Original


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High quality acid dyes for wool, mohair, alpaca, angora, silk, fur, feathers and nylon.

This dye range offers 36 beautiful colours which are chemically based & complete. Colourfast, safe & easy to use with high dyebath exhaustion. Suitable for the experienced dyer or first time dyer who is after a user friendly product with a wide and diverse range of applications.

All dyes are fully compatible thus a creative person can dilute, strengthen or mix new shades and blends as desired.

Gaywool originals 100gms quantities will dye approximately 800gms/1lb 12 oz to a minimum shade & up to 1 kg/2lbs 3oz for lighter shades.

Dyes can be used for immersion, rainbow, microwave dyeing, also with steam set and direct application techniques.