Trillium Valley Farm


Janet Tilp

I am a weaver and knitter and when we first bought our farm, I was thinking of getting some Icelandic Sheep. One day when we were walking through a county fair, I saw the Pygora goats and I fell in love with their friendly personality and intelligence.


Trillium Valley Farm was established in 1997 outside of Sherwood, Oregon. We are nestled in the forest on the south side of Parrett Mountain. We began our herd in 2003 with three white Pygoras and have grown the herd to include Pygoras of all colors, from white, gray, red, brown, chocolate and black.

We love raising the Pygoras because of their wonderful fleece and their friendly personalities.

Today we have 20 does and wethers. We also have two bucks available for buck service. Every year we have kids that add to the joy of raising these wonderful animals. We recently got an Alpaca to guard the goats from coyotes. Her name is Cassy (short for Casilda). She is a beautiful deep red-brown.

Trillium Valley Farm is a member of the Pygora Breeders Association.

We sell Pygora roving in white, grey and light caramel colors. I also sell yarn in white, grey and light caramel colors. I also have some hand dyed yarns in various colors of natural dyes as well. I recently added alpaca roving from Cassy. She is a beautiful rust color.

Other products from my farm are Dryer Balls, nesting material for birds and apple chips for barbequing.

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